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Reduced functional connectivity supports statistical learning of temporally distributed regularities

Park J., Janacsek J., Nemeth D., and Jeon H.-A.

Neuroimage (2022)

The critical role of interference control in metaphor comprehension evidenced by the drift-diffusion model

Yoon H.-D., Shin M. and Jeon H.-A.

Scientific Reports (2021)


A Cortical Surface-Based Meta-Analysis of Human Reasoning

Shin M. and Jeon H.-A.

Cerebral Cortex (2021)

Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Mathematical Expertise

Shim M., Hwang H.-J., Kuhl, U., and Jeon H.-A.  

Brain Sciences (2021) 

Potential and efficiency of statistical learning closely intertwined with individuals’ executive functions: a mathematical modeling study 

Park J., Yoon H.-D., Yoo T., Shin M., and Jeon H.-A.

Scientific Reports (2020) 

Syntactic comprehension of relative clauses and center embedding using pseudowords

Cheon K.-H., Kim Y., Yoon H.-D., Nam K.-Ch., Lee S.-Y., and Jeon H.-A.

Brain Sciences (2020) 

Evaluation of cognitive function in adult rhesus monkeys using the finger maze test

Kim K., Jeon H.-A*., Seo J., Park J., Won J., Yeo H.-G., Jeon C.-Y., Huh J.-W., Kim Y.-H., Hong Y., Choi J.-W., and Lee Y. (*co-first author)

Applied Animal Behaviour Science (2020) 

Mathematical expertise modulates the architecture of dorsal and cortico-thalamic white matter tracts

Jeon, H.-A., Kuhl, U., Friederici, A. D.

Scientific Reports (2019)

Artificial and convolutional neural networks for assessing functional connectivity in resting-state functional near infrared spectroscopy

Behboodi, B., Lim, S.-H., Luna, M., Jeon, H.-A., Choi, J.-W.

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (2019)

What does "being an expert" mean to the brain? Functional specificity and connectivity in expertise.

Jeon, H.-A. & Friederici, A. D. ​

Cerebral Cortex (2017)

Degree of automaticity and the prefrontal cortex.

Jeon, H.-A., Friederici, A. D.

Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2015)

Functional network mirrored in the prefrontal cortex, caudate nucleus and thalamus: High resolution functional imaging and structural connectivity.

Jeon, H.-A., Anwander, A., Friederici, A. D.

Journal of Neuroscience (2014)

Hierarchical processing in the prefrontal cortex in a variety of cognitive domains.

Jeon, H.-A.

Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience (2014)

Two principles of organization in the prefrontal cortex are cognitive hierarchy and degree of automaticity.

Jeon, H.-A., Friederici, A. D.

Nature Communications (2013)

Effect of lexical proficiency on reading strategies used for shallow and deep orthographies.

Jeon, H.-A.

Neuroreport (2012)

Increased basal forebrain metabolism in mild cognitive impairment: An evidence for brain reserve in incipient dementia.

Kim, M.-J., Lee, K.-M., Son, Y.-D., Jeon, H.-A., Kim, Y.-B., Cho, Z.-H.

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (2012)

Dual routes for verbal repetition: Articulation-based and acoustic-phonetic codes for pseudoword and word repetition, respectively.

Yoo, S., Chung, J.-Y., Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M., Kim, Y.-B., Cho, Z.-H.

Brain and Language (2012)

Impairments of syntactic comprehension in Korean and the location of ischemic stroke lesions: A voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study.

Kim, M.-J., Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M.

Behavioural Neurology (2010)

Diagnostic utility of sound naming in early Alzheimer’s disease.

Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M.

Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society (2009)

Neuroimaging features in a case of developmental central auditory processing disorder.

Kim, M.-J., Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M., Son, Y.-D., Kim, Y.-B., Cho, Z.-H.

Journal of the Neurological Sciences (2009)

Neural substrates of semantic relationships: Common and distinct left-frontal activities for generation of synonyms vs. antonyms.

Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M., Kim, Y.-B., Cho, Z.-H.

Neuroimage (2009)

Functional MRI study on working memory of orthography.

Jeon, H.-A., Lee, K.-M.

Experimental Neurobiology (2006)

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