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Experts' Brain

Functional Specificity in Expertise: fMRI Study

To what extent is varying cognitive expertise reflected in the brain's functional specificity and connectivity? We addressed this question by examining expertise in mathematics. We investigated the processing of hierarchical structures, which is a fundamental process for building complex cognitive architecture. We showed that a high level of expertise is evident in a small number of specific brain regions, whereas a low level of expertise is reflected by broadly distributed brain areas, along with divergent functional connectivity between experts and nonexperts.

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Anatomical Connectivity in Expertise: Diffusion MRI Study

To what extent are levels of cognitive expertise reflected in differential structural connectivity of the brain? We addressed this question by analyzing experts' white matter brain structure (mathematicians) versus non-experts (non-mathematicians) using probabilistic tractography. We suggest that expertise in the domain of mathematics is reflected in plastic changes in the brain’s white matter structure, possibly reflecting a general principle of cognitive expertise.

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Functional Connectivity in Expertise: Resting-State fMRI Study

To what extent are different levels of expertise reflected in the functional connectivity of the brain? We addressed this question using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in mathematicians versus non-mathematicians. We suggest the advantageous role of preconfigured resting-state functional connectivity and neural efficiency for experts’ successful performance.

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